About Us

About Us: Welcome to mhanella’s – your E-commerce site that caters to all your wants and needs. About Us is our page to let you know more about our company. https://mhanellas.com/who-we-are/


Mhanella’s is an E-commerce site dedicated to catering to your household, office, school, and daily personal needs. We are your number one source of all things new and pre-loved that satisfies your wants and needs. Our shop offers a variety of selection from fashionable apparel to branded bags and shoes, accessories and essential items for the home, school, and office. Hence we got everything you might need all in one so you can experience shopping at its finest.


As a One-Stop-Shop committed to being on top of the trend, we are Entrepreneurial Visionaries bound to be always Forward-Thinking, Bold and Surprisingly stylish to make sure we meet what is Hip and In for all ages.  ‚Äč

Part of our mission is to cater to every customer all over the world through this site. Thus, we are a trusted group of entrepreneurs that wants to be able to serve people’s needs and want and deliver items right through their doorsteps revolutionizing the way we do business.

We have also been in business since 2015. Our headquarters is located in a small city in the Philippines catering to locals. However, we make it a mission to be able to expand to shipping worldwide. As we are looking to expand worldwide, we would like to introduce a whole new concept of doing online business through dropshipping, wholesaling, and retailing of items all in one site.

Your convenience is our satisfaction. More than anything, we want you to have an excellent shopping experience. We are always to open feedbacks, queries, and suggestions. You could always reach out to us anytime, anywhere. We are always open to accommodate you. Please visit us on other platforms for updates.

We are also on other platforms like:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mhanellas.bymhaynel.1

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