Mhanella’s location page is where you will be able to know where we usually do business. https://mhanellas.com/location/

Mhanella’s location is in Tuguegarao City which is headquartered in the Philippines. This serves as our physical address for business and administrative meetings. However, most of our transactions happen online.

As we always do our business online, part of our mission is to be a top e-commerce site. Therefore, our services will focus mostly on the concept of dropshipping.

Hence, we are looking into inviting a group of small entrepreneurs to become part of this team. We had always wanted to welcome more entrepreneurs and small business owners to be part of this business success.

The idea originated from the Concept Stores which recently emerged in the country. The only difference is that items will be displayed on this website rather than a physical store.

Our ultimate goal of putting up physical stores all over the country will be based on the support of these business owners. However, we are still on the verge of setting up connections of entrepreneurs to join us in this mission.

Therefore, our team is looking forward to onboarding small business owners to join in this campaign. We wanted to transform people’s lives in the way we do business both suppliers and consumers.

We are also on other platforms :

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mhanellas.bymhaynel.1

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Mhanellas-111479076936228/?modal=admin_todo_tour