Shipping Method

Shipping Method

Since we wanted to make sure you receive your items, we need to make it gets shipped right through you..

Our company will do business through shipping in order for us to reach more people regardless of geographic location and whenever reachable. Our shipping method is always at your convenience. You can choose from any courier that’s available in your area under the available list.

The cost of items posted will not include the shipping fees. The buyers will handle these fees. The seller may opt to waive the fees at any time and will be specifically stated in the product description.

There will be a list of options for shipping. Most couriers will be available. You can choose from any of these couriers and fees will base on their prices.

We follow a payment first policy. The items will not be shipped unless provided with the receipts. You can always have the option to follow the payment terms of the company. Payment options will be available under the checkout page. You can choose any option available at your convenience.

The shipping couriers will be responsible for the items when shipped. We will provide the tracking details when available.

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